Apart from  introductory events, participation in classes and seminars is only possible for WTU members. The fee for the annual membership is EUR 40,00 per year. There is a monthly fee for the lessons:

WTU Wing Tsun for adults
€ 35.00 monthly fee for adults with a single participation in one place per week, € 50.00 with multiple participation per week at all locations
40,00 € annual fee WTU

Young Bloods (children and adolescents 5-14 years)
25,00 € monthly fee (including exams, certificates, medals)
25,00 € annual fee WTU

Further costs incurred:
We expect our members to attend classes in the WTU T-shirt or polo shirt. In the course of a year, each member should get his practice weapons, these are stick and knife. Pratzen and other exercise material is provided by the school.
The prices can be found in the WTU shop
Furthermore, at least once a year, a level seminar with GM Alfred Johannes Neudorfer takes place, in which the student receives, among other things, his graduation.
The costs are between 60,00 € and 100,00 €



 Residents receive a 50% discount on the monthly fee